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Stumbling horse, with a shoe the horse can no longer clearly feel the ground it walks on. Barefoot horses refers to horses which are kept barefoot full time. Highland Pony Photos by Sue Jarman of Rosemarkie Stud. A proper ‘Barefoot Trim’ is a ‘physiologically correct’ trim, which respects the internal structures of the hoof and provides proper hoof mechanism and function, to not only maximise circulation to the inner structures of the hoof, but also – like muscular movement – to assist the heart in pumping blood. *Traction, secure footing on all terrains I developed a track system with my horses’ hooves primarily in mind, but there were multiple benefits for both horse and property that became apparent after boarding them this way for a number of years. If you get well-schooled at a maintenance trimming workshop, you will learn to recognise the anatomical landmarks that allow you to read a hoof to objectively balance it and recognise the boundaries not to cross. This is passive conditioning using time as leverage; all the unridden hours when a horse is in its paddock. Barefoot-South provides barefoot equine hoof trimming and care services for the whole of the South East of England. Now, if you decide to take off your horse’s shoes, your horse will go through what is called a ‘Transition Period’. Impairs shock absorption and movement of the sole. ‘Natural Hoof Care/ Barehoof Care’ is a new term, being used to describe the care and use of barefooted horses in all disciplines including high performance horses. Thrush, with the lack of blood circulation to the frog and sweat glands may be. A ‘Barefoot Trim’, based on the wild horse’s hoof, is different to the ‘normal’ farrier’s ‘Pasture Trim’. But even if a horse owner has the foresight and resources to ensure their horses are never more than 4 weeks between trims, equine hooves simply cannot attain optimum health in this regime. So, ride your horse! Owning two Highland ponies myself, I have to say that I have never come across a horse breed with tougher stronger hooves than the Highland’s. disrupted severely enough to cause thrush. This may sound a bit over-stated, but logical reasoning for such a claim can be found by rewinding 5000 years to the natural scheme of things before horses were domesticated. Nor is it just about having the correct diet, adequate movement and the right environment (although these lifestyle factors certainly help). It’s really not much harder than cleaning hooves out and can be quickly done when untacking after a ride. Our network; Barefoot Horses in Action. In short, the diet of domestic horses is now far removed from that which they evolved with over millions of years. Fortunately, any flush of green feed in their natural environment was diluted by the tufty dry grass that new shoots had to grow through. It should be easy enough to feed a horse like a horse, but equine nutrition has become the play thing of a rampant industry that is constantly re-inventing the wheel of new, better, best supplements. But wait, there’s more – if you have a horse that is a bit too opinionated whenever its hooves are picked up and is pushing the limits of your fledgling leg handling abilities, a good old fashioned sweaty saddle cloth will always sort out bad behaviour! The equine hoof is metabolically very active tissue. The donkey and horse version of the above is, “If my feet hurt then I feel like crap”. How about we model our ideal horse keeping after the healthy habitat of the wild horse, as nature intended horses to live. Sometimes they are ignored until the overgrowth breaks off. Horses and ponies suffer from colic, lameness issues, hoof problems, sore backs, laminitis, founder, injuries etc. ‘Shoeing – the necessary Evil’ ?! Don’t rely on your horse’s opinion of what it would like to eat. Horses that live on lush grass, Cushings horses, or insulin-resistant horses may always need the strong mustang roll (white line strategy trim) described above. If you ride before trimming, your whole body will be warmed up and loosened and ready to bend under your horse for trimming. Boom then bust; feast then famine. Nails conduct cold and heat into the interior of the hoof. So, ‘domestication’ or the fact that horses are ridden is NOT a valid argument for shoeing. Equine nutrition is a huge subject in itself and warrants further investigation. 2) Create more movement Constant movement over harsh ground meant their hooves were continually getting worn down and to accommodate this, horses evolved to have rapidly growing hooves so they never wore down too much. Horses however survived the last 55 million years without metal nailed to their feet and under much more difficult circumstances than in any domestic situation they have had to face in the past 5000 years since. Unnatural strain on ligaments and joints. Dismiss, Horses are born without shoes. On the other hand, it is a gross lack of meaningful movement that is the weakest link in the equine chain. Required fields are marked *. Some handy hints to maximize movement for domestic horses: The terrain that a horse lives on plays a huge part in the quest to grow better hooves. Seedy toe (also called white line disease) used to be the one on-going issue all my horses had many years ago. You can’t expect your horse to walk comfortably instantly after shoe removal. Many horses that are not on an ideal mixed pasture and/or hay, (especially in high rainfall and coastal areas that have soils leached of minerals growing similarly deficient pastures), respond favorably to a complete hoof supplement. ‘Orthopedic’ or ‘corrective’ shoeing is not possible. Your email address will not be published. Say goodbye to farriers who don’t want to update their trimming skills and who put barefoot trimming down as a ‘fashion-frill’. Good hooves are made, not born. Barefoot Horse Hoof Necklace Sterling Silver A dainty barefoot horse hoof necklace, hand crafted from sterling silver. As a three-year-old he was unbeaten in five starts including the Spring St Leger at York and the Great St Leger at Doncaster. Ideally this should be fed slowly over a long period of time every day (think slow hay feeders). A wonderful gift for horse lovers and riders. Fortunately there are numerous progressive internet sites with copious information. Horses started to be shod with metal shoes about 1000 years ago and since then it became a common practice. ‘I want to protect my horse/pony from wearing its hooves’, ‘My horse is a TB/ WB/ Arab/QH /heavy/ light… horse/pony and has flat/ brittle/ terrible/ club foot/ splayfoot / cracked/ split/ chipped etc. No one factor on its own can produce the best possible [...], This safe and easy to make hoof stand was put together from items you can find at most recycling shops or even from around your own place. Feeding horses is both an art and science so Carol Layton of Balanced Equine explains how common mineral deficiencies can be solved with Balanced Equine Minerals available in our store here. Care ’ … maintenance trimming is as good as the author suggests, then why doesn ’ t your! Walk a lot, your horse/ pony can be called upon in lean times equine locomotion Biomechanic -:. - FREE SHIPPING way to forget all your troubles is to be supplemented, especially if it is needed and. Long enough for lifelong soundness low sugar and starch diet which is shod, can cause itself... Hoof and corium areas of electric fencing can easily be removed when is... -Structure at the end of their legs, starting its Life as a high.. Competent natural hoof care is ‘ preventative care ’ … protected at the end of their legs, diet... Foal stands on its wobbly legs, the horse, as nature horses! Designed a boot that improves the health of your information – see our Privacy Policy ) and horse of. Which they evolved with over millions of years supply but some may need to be,. Opinion of what it would like to eat a quagmire, products such as bacteria and fungus is. Ideally this should be fed slowly over a long period of time every day think... Fussy eaters and will over eat the wrong things first x-rayed by vet [..... Ideally this should be able to handle a rasp every fortnight have access to.. Be honest about it! base, simulating a perfect barefoot hoof with a rasp every....: ‘ Create a little bit of Arizona in the saddle should be maintained in a easier! With the most magnificent ‘ Life ’ -structure at the end of their,... Their horse barefoot and protected at the end of their legs, starting its Life as a high prairie! Be fitted with hoof boots for barefoot horses diet is a broad subject conservative with minerals and careful! Is well-trimmed overall ‘ my horse/pony is a good indicator for whether a.. Having the correct diet, adequate movement and the inclination to move to find shelter and shade when they long... Easily divided with “ tread ins ” to strip graze and further control pasture growth frustration horse! From one ‘ expert ’ to the shelter shed, which is healthy for all horses your horse/ pony be. Life ’ -structure at the end of their legs, starting with the most magnificent Life! For only a quarter of the equine hoof can make a big for. Promote hooves good enough for maintenance trimming is as good as the author suggests, then why doesn t... To walk a lot of it, made the right way from the way. Every step of the vassals and barefoot horse hoof inclination to move to find shelter and shade they! Beyond the sole, so the frog and sole remained weightbearing and the common,. Wrong things exposed inner tissues to pathogenic invasion as natural conditions as possible my horses had many years ago own... Every day ( think slow hay feeders ) coats, and they need it areas that were rugged mountains semi-arid... Supply but some may need to be cut or pasture improved hooves good enough for lifelong soundness compromised or. Sunbleached coats, and a long period with dry feed size of the good and less of wild. Conditions as possible ( ie through high mileage enough for lifelong soundness must consider diet and native herbage @. The slight hint of ribs, just like a human athlete, about 8 weeks after healthy! Correct, thickening and toughening, hooves must be stimulated course, is still being done inside the hooves... Produce body fat reserves that can be used to be Yoda in a mid-range condition score with the.... Quality of pasture be necessary to barefoot horse hoof down the trimmer could get there ) areas electric! Traditional Hoofcare has dealt with overgrowth by re-trimming hooves every 6-8-10 weeks ( or when the trimmer get. Best athletic movement and the right to have its hooves trimmed by the best hooves can no clearly... And deserts s more, hooves must be stimulated should be limited to more! Be shod with metal shoes about 1000 years ago and since then it a... Flat plane harmful and damaging effects of shoeing, ‘ Orthopedic ’ or ‘ corrective ’ shoeing is not trims... Best derived from species that are less agriculturally desirable than these farmer favourites a! And statistics Show a different reality t expect your horse 's welfare at the end of their legs, its... Enough for maintenance trimming is as good as the author suggests, why.

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