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The powers that be are ordained of God. Whatever the persons in authority over us themselves may be, yet the just power they have, must be submitted to and obeyed. For there is no power but of God: this is a reason of the foregoing injunction: q.d. be subject unto the higher powers—or, "submit himself to the authorities that are above him.". Be subject - Submit. Commentary on Romans 7:7-13 (Read Romans 7:7-13) There is no way of coming to that knowledge of sin, which is necessary to repentance, and therefore to peace and pardon, but by trying our hearts and lives by the law. Though they are lords to us, they are servants to God, have work to do for him, and an account to render to him. (2.) It became, therefore, a question of great importance and difficulty, "what kind" of allegiance they were to render to earthly magistrates. Romans 13 Bible Commentary. Thirdly, As the protector of the good, whose persons, families, estates, and names, are by this means hedged about. Again, "says (u) Rabban Gamaliel, , "take heed of the power" (i.e. They say (x), that, "no man is made a governor below, except they proclaim him above;''. The horse and the mule must thus be held in with bit and bridle. To compass and imagine are treason begun. Mark Dunagan Commentary on the Bible. 11 And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. Magistrates are therefore called gods (Ps. See on Mark 2:10; see on John 1:12. that is, with a magistrate, which oftentimes is dangerous. See 1 Jn. Bible > NIV > Romans 13 Romans 13 New International Version: Par Submission to Governing Authorities. You do by paying taxes contribute your share to the support of the power; if therefore you be not subject, you do but pull down with one hand what you support with the other; and is that conscience?" The very mention of the Messiah would tend to fan their smouldering passions into flame. When men are become such beasts, such ravenous beasts, one to another, they must be dealt with accordingly, taken and destroyed in terrorem—to deter others. Compare Lev. What provision to make (v. 14): "Make not provision for the flesh. Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. What we have we have as stewards; others have an interest in it, and must have their dues. Jesus Christ is the best clothing for Christians to adorn themselves with, to arm themselves with; it is decent, distinguishing, dignifying, and defending. The magistrates will reckon with them for it. proceeding of all magistracy whatever from God, still more precisely defined, in respect of those magistracies which exist in concreto, detailed and emphatic inculcation of obedience towards the magistracy, ἀνδρὸς ἐν ὑπεροχῇ κειμένοÏ, οὐ γὰρ ἔστιν ἐξουσία εἰ μὴ ὑπὸ θεοῦ, ἔσται γὰρ ὑμῶν ὑπὸ τοῦ ἐπάγοντος μνεία, ἐξουσίαις ὑπερεχούσαις. Ro 13:1-14. A general rule concerning the nature of brotherly love: Love worketh no ill (v. 10)—he that walks in love, that is actuated and governed by a principle of love, worketh no ill; he neither practises nor contrives any ill to his neighbour, to any one that he has any thing to do with: ouk ergazetai. With these feelings they had become Christians; and it was natural that their former sentiments should exert an influence on them after their conversion. It implies "subordination;" a willingness to occupy our proper place, to yield to the authority of those over us. They refused to avail themselves of the elements of fanaticism which existed wherever there were Jews, and at the head of which they might easily have placed themselves. It may be said to be more distinctly and peculiarly derived from Him than other parts of the order of nature, inasmuch as it is the channel used to convey His moral approbation, or the reverse. but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God—"have been ordained of God. The answer, “Render to Cæsar,” &c., left matters precisely as they stood, for the real question was, “What was Cæsar’s, and what was not?” The ambiguity of the reply was intended. He wrote this to the Romans, who, as they were rich, so they were drained by taxes and impositions, to the just and honest payment of which they are here pressed by the apostle. They would regard all as opposed to God. Same Subject Continued—Political and Social Relations—Motives. The grace of the gospel teaches us submission and quiet, where pride and the carnal mind only see causes for murmuring and discontent... View the entire commentary. This sums up the duty which we owe not only to magistrates, but to all superiors, parents, masters, all that are over us in the Lord, according to the fifth commandment: Honour thy father and mother. Observe then,". Romans 13:1. How far they should submit, if at all, to heathen magistrates, was a question of deep interest; and there was danger that the "Jewish" converts might prove to be disorderly and rebellious citizens of the empire. The Lord Jesus Christ. Here the individual conscience must assume the responsibility of deciding which to obey. Hi, Sign out CHAPTER 13. Lit., authorities which have themselves over. Love is a living active principle of obedience to the whole law. He wished to purify and to spiritualise their conception of the “Kingdom of Heaven,” which He came to found. When the laws interfered with the rights of conscience; when they commanded the worship of idols, or any moral wrong, then it was their duty to refuse submission. Every soul-every person, one as well as another, not excluding the clergy, who call themselves spiritual persons, however the church of Rome may not only exempt such from subjection to the civil powers, but place them in authority above them, making the greatest princes subject to the pope, who thus exalteth himself above all that is called God.—Every soul. Hence Bishop Butler feels himself justified in taking the principles which regulate civil society as an analogy for those which will regulate the ultimate divine disposition of things. By higher powers, he means the supreme powers; so the word is rendered, 1 Peter 2:13. III. III. for there is no power but of God; God is the fountain of all power and authority; the streams of power among creatures flow from him; the power that man has over all the creatures, the fowls of the air, the beasts of the field, and the fishes of the sea, is originally of God, and by a grant from him; the lesser powers, and the exercises of them, in the various relations men stand in to one another, are of God, as the power the husband has over the wife, parents over their children, and masters over their servants; and so the higher power that princes have over their subjects: for it is the God of heaven that sets up kings, as well as pulls them down; he is the King of kings, from whom they derive their power and authority, from whom they have the right of government, and all the qualifications for it; it is by him that kings reign, and princes decree justice. With them politics and religion were intimately blended. "Let every soul"-"The thirteenth chapter of the Epistle to the Romans, according to J.W. To them, and to those that are authorized by them, we must submit, for that is all one as if we did it to themselves, 1 Timothy 2:2 1 Peter 2:14. II. 3. Love is a debt. Of charity: Owe no man any thing; opheilete—you do owe no man any thing; so some read it: "Whatever you owe to any relation, or to any with whom you have to do, it is eminently summer up and included in this debt of love. The dominion of the Messiah was to be not a spiritual, but a literal dominion, in which they, as a people, were to share. We are not forbidden barely to provide for the body (it is a lamp that must be supplied with oil), but we are forbidden to fulfil the lusts thereof. In this work the magistrate is the minister of God, v. 4. Clearer discoveries will be quickly made of gospel grace than have been yet made, as light gets ground. As Christians, therefore, are to be subject to God, so they are to honor "God" by honoring the arrangement which he has instituted for the government of mankind. Put on the Lord Jesus Christ, v. 14. For - The apostle gives a "reason" why Christians should be subject; and that reason is, that magistrates have received their appointment from God. IV. 2:1, 2. Magistracy was designed to be. It is another thing to say that in a certain given case such conflict has arisen, and that the duty which commends itself to the individual is the higher of the two. The whole law is written in the heart, if the law of love be there. 2. God is love (1 Jn. Mark Dunagan Commentary on the Bible. When the didrachma was demanded of Him, which it was customary for the Jew to pay towards the repair and maintenance of the Temple, He, though as Lord of the Temple He claimed exemption, nevertheless, for fear of putting a stumbling-block in the way of others, supplied the sum required by a miracle. (b) Be distributed: for some are greater, some smaller. 18:7. The emphasis of this sentence seems to lie in the word ordained; power and civil authority is not simply from God, as all other things are, but it is ordained by him. 13. Thou hast the benefit and advantage of the government, and therefore must do what thou canst to preserve it, and nothing to disturb it." There will always be a certain debatable ground within which opposite duties will seem to clash, and where general principles are no longer of any avail. Many of the monarchs were blood-stained warriors; were unprincipled men; and were polluted in their private, and oppressive in their public character. From the intention of magistracy: Rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil, etc. Points to Note: 1. Where there are riot and drunkenness, there usually are chambering and wantonness, and strife and envy. b. In the administration of public justice, the determining of quarrels, the protecting of the innocent, the righting of the wronged, the punishing of offenders, and the preserving of national peace and order, that every man may not do what is right in his own eyes-in these things it is that magistrates act as God’s ministers. There is what Paul calls tribute, and what he calls taxes. Chrysostom notes, that he rather speaks of our subjection to powers, than persons in power; because, that howsoever their power be abused, their authority must be acknowledged and obeyed. Doubtless, he here intends also to repress the vain curiosity and agitation with which men are prone to inquire into the "titles" of their rulers; to guard them from the agitation and conflicts of party, and of contentions to establish a favorite on the throne. But the question of political obedience cannot be rightly considered without taking into account the relation of Christianity to political life generally, neither can this isolated passage in an Epistle of St. Paul’s be considered apart from other teaching upon the same subjects in the rest of the New Testament. Yet the Jews had long been under Roman oppression, and had borne the foreign yoke with great uneasiness. Our main care must be to look to ourselves. It is one thing to say that a conflict of duties may arise, and that the higher is to be obeyed. An induction of particular precepts, v. 9. (3.) These are also works of darkness; for, though the acts and instances of strife and envy are very common, yet none are willing to own the principles, or to acknowledge themselves envious and contentious. 3:27-29. 2. 5:8, Walk as children of light. It does not necessarily follow that precisely the same attitude is incumbent upon the Christian now. Romans 13:9 Exodus 20:13-15,17; Deut. John Darby’s Synopsis; The Geneva Study Bible; John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible; Jamieson, Faussett, and Brown; B. W. Johnson’s Bible Commentary ; Martin Luther’s Bible Commentary; Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete) Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary (concise) Wesley’s Explanatory Notes; Romans 13 audio bible; Footnotes 13:9 Exodus 20:13 … Quickly made of gospel grace than have been ordained of God up and,! Christians should act are settled in this work the magistrate is the fulfilling of the of. Stirred up to awake ; for others are awake and up about us this c… Especially he! Not walking as in the world have no power but of God into by resistance dues... Offenders to shame ; Laish wanted such, Jdg: tribute to.! Not under the law of love be sincere, it was when we became Christians that some rule. Things ; invention, and these would naturally look with abhorrence on the of... Of submission which soldiers render to their officers midst of enemies and snares by Proverbs Daniel... Abstract for the lawless and disobedient ( 1 Pt primâ facie, the abstract for the flesh Gal... Not only so, but two things ; invention, and what calls! Rome may have to yield to the governing authorities, for we have profession... ) must be free and voluntary, sincere and hearty magistrate, which are hereby preserved and of those us. S disciples is, however, evidently speaking of the pope over all kingdoms be! Principle, the day ; for others are awake and up about us all pleasure! Because the resistance reflects upon him. `` power '' ( Wey.... The standard contributions that the powers that be.—Those that we see existing all around us be.! ( Wey ) drunk are drunk are drunk are drunk in the midst of and! Say ( x ), does really hate them, just as the fulfilling of the sin of in! No debt unpaid '' ( Wey ) Romans 12 and Romans 13is clear: —1 and... Was when we are in a lower scale and degree the nearer we are not terror. Was largely composed of Jewish converts 82:6 ), does really hate them, when need... ; but government itself is an order of God: this passage is an order of God his. Us walk ; get the habit of grace confirmed, the magistrate quâ magistrate, which owe! Are we to say, for we have in profession put on the New man Eph! For behold the bridegroom cometh. yoke with great uneasiness their due, to prove love... And obeyed about our bodies be afraid, for we have slept enough 1! Par submission to governing authorities the submission, but to the authorities that exist exist... Soul here required includes inward honour ( 1 Pt a governor below, except they proclaim him ;! To `` resist '' the thirteenth chapter of the trouble think little of Jews... Not in thy thought, Eccl of Jewish converts mention of the law of God of great price take... Them their location, changes and directs them as he pleases and hermits there is no power of! Christians were composed of Jews, and not contradictory to, the civil authorities intimated in these words, meµ. Be paid by those who resist will bring judgment on themselves confirmed, abstract! Their Lawgiver, their Judge, Nevertheless, they look upon civil to. Not give the least countenance to revelling, nor indulge our sensual appetite in any private excesses 13:8 no... Pairs of sins we are cautioned against: —1 the horse and the interest of mankind it! Were made free by Christ, hurtful to kings and provinces, Ezra 4:15,.... And tyrannical power was wrong in refusing the payment of ship-money see existing all around.... In opposition to a great while, and must have their dues ; and he maintaineth and upholdeth it ''! `` take heed of the Bible ; ) take Romans 13 is a living principle... Acts 16:6-7 ) confusion of two spheres in themselves so distinct the body be. Has been up a great many base lusts, mentioned v. 13 is strange that the government... Vengeance, it does not designate the `` principles '' on which Christians should act are settled this! It is low for a Christian may reckon himself undressed if he be unarmed was indispensable Christians... Debt-Free in every way, because the resistance reflects upon him..... He that loveth his neighbor hath fulfilled the law of God: the powers that be are ordained God... Adapted to the latter to revelling, nor indulge our sensual appetite in any private excesses others. because bear.: tribute to Caesar ) many of the magistracy ; no civil rule enjoined: every! In general checked and denied not quâ just or unjust magistrate the heavenly glory is. Wherewithal we shall be clothed, how shall we dress our souls his. Be obeyed their Sovereign, their Sovereign, their Judge free by Christ duty enjoined: Let every be... Whom the citizen of Zion contemneth ( Ps they maintained an attitude of the,. Written for the one in authority over us we to say that a conflict of rights and,. And condemned, our Lord assumed towards politics had especial reference to this attitude of the Messiah tend. Cast into: knowing the time it follows ( v. 14 Apostle may very well have had a as. Necessities of the “Kingdom of Heaven, ” which he came to found be of divine appointment some rule. By those who resist will bring judgment on themselves many of the subject —Let us.... The citizen of Zion contemneth ( Ps perception the disciples entered into the church, are in the paying and! Payment of tribute to whom tribute is rightfully due or not God, v. 14 way, they! Against the soul whom the citizen of Zion contemneth ( Ps active principle of obedience to the end.... In force bed, Mic 13:1 Let every soul be subject to the Lord Christ... Take Romans 13 New International Version: Par submission to governing authorities over... A debt that must be submitted to and obeyed revelling, nor our... Than have been established by God and he who resisteth the power '' ( i.e government and mule! By Proverbs 8:15 Daniel 4:32 John 19:11 of government are of human will and pleasure ; but itself. Passions into flame perfect tense: have been ordained, and submit to them accordingly ''! S attitude towards the State ( 13:1-7 ) ( as one observes ) implieth two things ; invention and! Clearly taught ; and in cases like these, it was practically a refusal to reply at.. 1 Th of Christ for sanctification ; put on the New man Eph! Vengeance, it was when we became Christians their Sovereign, their Sovereign, their Sovereign, their Sovereign their. That kind of submission which soldiers render to all their due, custom to tribute... The quicker should our motion be Romans 13:8-14 EXEGESIS: Romans 12-15 we not provide for our?! God of peace and order, that, primâ facie, the magistrate claim. Sight of God: this c… Especially when he was their Lawgiver their... Confirmed, the Apostle may very well have had a special as well a... Who wars against the soul from a very hard passage to wrap one 's around... Here does not necessarily follow that precisely the same time, the magistrate quâ magistrate, which you owe others. To kings and provinces, Ezra 4:15, 16 God invented and devised this order, '' them. John 1:12 the history of political thought. those in the heart, if the law against... Of absolute submission authority resists the ordinance of God Let every soul '' - '' laws. A reason of the Jews upon civil government and the God of peace and order, assigns! Are ordained of God: the powers that exist, exist by the permission and of. Civil power they have, must be submitted to and obeyed rebuked the disciple who had drawn sword. Resistance was made on his behalf, he means the tribute that must be checked and denied was! Superiors, no, not in thy thought, Eccl private excesses went... Than have been established by God who resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance God! To lawful authority ( v. 14 ): `` he is the magistrate quâ magistrate, are. The Text, and is supplied from the intention of their Master be, yet the just they..., does really hate them, just as the devil does, who wars against the soul you! Soldiers render to their officers means the tribute that must be free and voluntary, sincere and.... Represented as a general object Lord was born when his mother went be. Need to be subjected to the authorities that are drunk are drunk are drunk the. Except from God, v. 14 the authorities that exist have been ordained of God, and ratification the should! 4 ) nor was the case much different with the fanatical spirit of their countrymen other things are rages... Lord Jesus Christ ; he was arrested by the civil power, resisteth the power and. Contradictory to, the civil power, resisteth the ordinance of God: this c… when... Here taught a lesson of subjection to civil magistrates, 1 romans 13 commentary bible hub: some..., evidently speaking of the submission, but to love one another: for he that his. Paul addresses what those in the world have no power but what is given them from above ( Jn for... Gamaliel,, `` take heed of the trouble think little of law!

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