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(fresh water distillation units). Navy News Service. The USS Oklahoma needed 2,166 sailors and marines to function properly, and could travel 20,000 miles without refueling. Cruise books are created for private distribution. Flag Boat Pool GM Division working with journalists, and general publicity. drinking water, boiler water and fuel oil. early warning, electronic warfare and gunfire support coordination for the ship, and tracked air and surface contacts. 9 men When the USS Oklahoma was built in 1916, it was the largest and most advanced ship in the US Navy. That was the morning that the Japanese Empire attacked the United States by surprise.'s mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another. (Previously CL-91). They were also known as Fourth Division. The stewards cared for the Officer's Wardroom, officers staterooms and officer's country, and prepared officer's meals. The ET gang maintained electronic equipment including radios, search radars, weather satellite receivers, navigation systems, atmospheric Engineering Department In mid-1918, Oklahoma went to European waters to help protect convoys. They operated the Main Communications Center and seven other spaces. They provided the ship's security force, including security for the nuclear weapons spaces N3 Division Story Number: NNS190819-10 Release Date: 8/19/2019 2:57:00 PM. They provided radio communications with all elements of the fleet S-2 Division Paul A. Goodyear. Commissioned in 1916, Oklahoma served in World War I as a part of Battleship Division Six, protecting Allied convoys on their way across the Atlantic. 2 officers 10 men 23 Men Oklahoma City was worked hard in shore bombardment duty during the war right until the end. B Division In Naval termonology, skylarking is best known as goofing off. They maintained the ship's four engines, four turbo generators and four air compressors. About 25 to 30 of the people on the USS Oklahoma when it was torpedoed are alive today, Paul Goodyear, head of the national USS Oklahoma Family Inc., said. 26 men Oklahoma City, Okla. (June 2, 2019) – Crewmembers of the Los Angeles class fast-attack submarine USS Oklahoma City (SSN 723) visited the ship’s namesake city May 27 through June 2. There were about 900 men in the ship's company and another 300 on the Fleet staff. USS Oklahoma City CLG-5 and USS Albert David DE 1050 on the DMZ during North Vietnam's Easter Invasion of South Vietnam. Chief of Staff The division provided propulsion, Flag Marine Orderlies They maintained some passageways and weather decks in the forward superstructure, They were responsible for maintenance and operation of the gun fire control equipment, the Mk 37 director They maintained and operated the Admiral's Barge and the Chief of Staff's Gig. USS Oklahoma (BB-37) was a Nevada-class battleship built by the New York Shipbuilding Corporation for the United States Navy, notable for being the first American class of oil-burning dreadnoughts.. COMSEVENTH was in overall charge of all elements of the US Seventh Fleet. These are no official listings but contain the names of sailors who submitted their information. 76 men Navigation Department Oklahoma City was worked hard in shore bombardment duty during the war right until the end. It was organized into Divisions that performed specific (Previously CL-91). The two crews were organized separately, but some duties were shared between the two organizations. See more ideas about uss oklahoma, navy ships, oklahoma city. Maryland, starboard side to, at Berth F-5, Pearl Harbor, T.H. SANTA RITA, Guam (NNS) -- … 50 men In 2006, President Bush officially signed the memorial into law as a national memorial entrusted to the National Park Service. Administrative Department They were called the "black gang.". Alphabetical USS Oklahoma Casualty List. 70 men Passenger lists for nonenlisted personnel are also included. Third Division Registration and communicating with shipmates at is FREE FOREVER. Operations Department They kept ship and personnel records, published the ships newspaper and Sooner OE Division 30 men 50 men forward rearming and refueling stations. USS Oklahoma City (CLG 5) was recommissioned in 1960. Department Head. USS Oklahoma Action Report, re: Pearl Harbor Attack. 10 officers Print Shop I describe the Seventh Fleet crew below, for the ship was … These men operated the Captain's Office, Personnel Office, Training and Education Office, Public Affairs Office, Post Office, They manned refueling and rearming details and served as the crew for the ship's They maintained fire and flushing systems, drains, damage control The Stores Division stocked and reordered all material necessary to maintain ship. War Room messengers and UNREPS personnel. This was the ship's landing party. 11 officers. gyro compass and movie projectors. boats, air conditioning, laundry equipment, machine shops, the anchor windlasses, steering gear, and evaporators He was at his duty station … • USS Oklahoma City (CLG-5) [Light Guided Missile Cruiser] docked in Saigon during 21-24 July 1964 • USS Providence (CLG-6) operated on Saigon River 3 days during January 1964 and on Cua Viet River during August 1972 • USS Radford (DD-446) [Destroyer] operated on Ganh Rai Bay and Saigon River during December 1967 They were knows as "spooks.". E Division Public Affairs Division the fleet. 30 men while home ported in Yokosuka, Japan (while I was aboard). The USS Oklahoma City CLG-5/CG-5 was a fleet flagship. 4 men Here she served extensively in the Pacific where she was Seventh Fleet Flagship, playing a prominent role in the Vietnam War, including participation in the evacuation of Saigon.

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