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Putty (Windows only) padding: 20px 0 20px 0; color: #fff; font-size: 1.25em; text-decoration: underline; overflow: visible; background-color: #1f57a8; } However, your Rice email can be read using a variety of programs (including over the web). .article__news-list-image { background: rgba(15,15,25,.6); .page-body__content p {padding-bottom: 1em !important;} In this building you will find the the following Departments: The Cashier's Office is a division of the Controllers Office, however, it is located in the Allen Center, directly behind the Cambridge Office building. font-size: 1.25em; Procurement Analyst, Office of Technology Department Office of Technology. font-size: 1.3em; .button-d8:hover:before { Staff Profiles; Mike Smith Director of Operations BioScience Research Collaborative 713-348-8400 mdsmith@rice.edu: Frank Rodriguez Business Manager color: #0A509E; Houston, Texas 77005-1827, Mailing Address: P.O. margin-bottom: 1em; font-size: 1rem; } text-align: center; For information about Spring Semester 2021 changes due to Rice's response to COVID-19, please see Spring Semester 2021. padding: 0; Rice University MS-50, 6100 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77005. } .article__main-image { RESEARCHERS STAFF CUSTODIAL STAFF. For more information, see … Please contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@rice.edu for further assistance. .webform-confirmation__message { h6, .h6 { min-height: 350px; .hero__image { .ckeditor-accordion-container > dl dd { Purchasing Services is structured to assist departments in their procurement needs and support Washington University’s cost containment objectives. } Armeshia will be receiving her Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from University of Houston - Downtown in Fall 2020. Due to the sensitive university data you will handle as a staff or faculty member, your email is managed through an internal campus system known as Webmail. background-color: #A5C151; } padding-bottom: .5em; } -Assists Disbursements staff and payables with 1099's, Relocation Expense review, and USD wire transfers. background: #f3f3f3; font-size: 14px; } letter-spacing: .15rem; margin: 1em 5px 0px !important; } .hero__image { Virtual Town Hall Spring 2020. .hero__title h1, .hero__title .h1 { @media (max-width: 64em){ .page-body__content td a { .menu__sub-toggle { IT @ Rice is a collaborative and diverse community of technology providers across campus. } text-transform: none; Our help desk collaborates with Rice's Central IT Procurement to leverage the best pricing with various vendors. z-index: -1; } font-size: 20px; text-decoration: underline; padding: .25em; .pager__items { display: none; padding-top: .75em; } } border-radius: 0; text-transform: uppercase; Infinite Possibilities. display: inline-block; p a color: #0A509E; .alert { } } var elements = document.getElementsByClassName('article__news-list-summary-label'); .page-body__content ol, .page-body__content ul {padding-bottom: 1em;} bottom: 0; display: none; background-color: #0A509E; vertical-align: text-top; text-align: center; padding: 4em 2em; border-radius: 5px; position: absolute; Rice University's Facilities Engineering and Planning department is a comprehensive maintenance, project management, and utility operation. } background: none; } width: 100%; } text-transform: none; He is also a faculty member at Rice University’s Entrepreneurship Initiative and the Liu Idea Lab for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Lilie). } .overlay__content { color: #0A509E; font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures; For information about Spring Semester 2021 changes due to Rice's response to COVID-19, please see Spring Semester 2021. .article__body ul a { Resource Management exists to help our faculty, students and staff fulfill the university’s teaching, research and patient care missions. } .pager__item { .alert p a:visited { padding: 0 0 20px 0; Staff Directory for the Office of the Registrar. } 6100 Main Street MS 70 font-weight: bold; font-weight: 100; .lockup .lockup__child1, .lockup__child2, .lockup__child3 { } padding-top: 1%; display:none; } } } } @media (max-width: 64em) padding: 1em; .overlay--animate:hover .overlay__content{ } .menu--article, .tc-2 { }, *Please Note: Rice University numbers: 713-348-XXXX, Mailing Address: P.O. display: inline; background-color: padding: 25px 25px 0px; .overlay__content--center { You may contact them as described below. table.blueTable tr:nth-child(even) { Fostering diversity and an intellectual environment, Rice University is a comprehensive research university located on a 300-acre tree-lined campus in Houston, Texas. } h5, .h5 { content: ''; .menu--quick .menu__item { This email address will be checked periodically during Winter Recess. } } -Oversees purchasing card program-Primary purchasing contact: Samia Davila: 713-348-6713-Assists with purchasing card program-Secondary purchasing contact: Gina Diaz: 713-348-6715-Provides training sessions to educate Rice personnel on Rice's payment policies, procedures, and … form.webform-submission-form { font-style: italic; left: 0; } padding: .4em .75em .4em 0; ARS delivers scientific solutions to national and global agricultural challenges. text-transform: none; text-transform: none; font-size: 1.5em; width: 85%; } background: #0A509E; ... Procurement Staff. padding: 40px 5%; padding: 20px 0; .pager__item a { border-radius: 0; } color: #FFFFFF; } font-size: 1em; padding-top: .75em; /* padding-top: .75em;*/ display: inline-block; .article--news .article__title, .article--related .article__title, .h3, h3 { color: #fff; margin-right: 10px; font-style: italic; padding-bottom: 1%; font-size: 1rem; font-weight: bold; Suite 310, Allen Center MS 610 Phone: 713-348-6280 Fax: 713-348-6282 .article__body a { } } Luther Rice College & Seminary has been cultivating an environment of Christian excellence for over 50 years. color: #fff; padding: 1em 0 1em 0; font-weight: 600; table.blueTable tfoot .links a{ @media (max-width: 26em){ line-height: 1; padding-top: 10px; .button-d8:before { font-size: inherit; color: #1a1d67; font-size: 1.15rem; 713.348.4864 } #lw_cal_events { padding: 20px 15px 20px 50px;

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