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If Ryanair canceled your flight, then you are entitled to a refund. Getting refunds is not exactly easy during the best of times, but in a pandemic, it is obviously going to be a lot harder. Ryanair is refusing to offer refunds for November flights unless they are cancelled. Ryanair passengers with cancelled flights may be able to get a refund from their card provider Credit: Reuters And with the UK government warning … Just 5% of Ryanair passengers have been refunded “within the legal time frame” it says. has found 84% of Ryanair passengers are waiting on refunds. You will most likely receive an email from Ryanair stating what are your options. Some telling me they replied specifically for a cash refund from @Ryanair are being sent vouchers which then say to apply for cash refunds. We are working our way through the small remaining balance. Ryanair has axed a large number of flights due to the coronavirus pandemic, and under EU law, it's obliged to give anyone who has a flight cancelled the option of a refund. With the vast majority of flights to and from the UK now having been cancelled, millions of passengers on Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways and other airlines are entitled to a full refund. Though the airline … Ryanair has further angered thousands of customers waiting on cash refunds for cancelled flights, by emailing them about vouchers it wants to issue instead. Ryanair pays out £450m in refunds for cancelled flights and is dealing with backlog of 35 MILLION claims after travel plans were ruined by coronavirus lockdown RyanAir chief … This covers flights booked with a European airline … If Ryanair has canceled your flight or the government has imposed travel restrictions to certain destinations, then you are also entitled to a refund. But the airline now claims that 90% of customers who booked directly with Ryanair and requested refunds for cancelled flights between March and June are set to be paid by the end of July. A survey by Which? Ryanair flights will be cancelled as a result of the travel bans, with customers offered refunds or date changes free of charge. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis … Travellers were expecting to receive refunds for any flights that had been cancelled. Over 90% of Ryanair customers were accommodated with free flight moves, flight vouchers or cash refunds by the end of July. The commission pointed … MIAMI – Ryanair (FR), the largest airline in Europe, has reported today that it is making rapid progress in processing customer refunds for flights canceled during the period from March to June as a result of the Covid-19 flight cancelations placed by the government.. RYANAIR has been in the spotlight this week after making customers jump through 'double hoops' to get their refund for cancelled flights. However, by making it seem as though vouchers are a reasonable alternative to a cash refund – even for those who don’t want them – Ryanair may be breaking the law. Ryanair says it will contact customers by text or email if their flight has been cancelled between December 20 and 24 and they will be entitled to a full refund. To answer your question; yes, you can definitely get your refund through PayPal provided that the transaction was completed through PayPal. It criticised Ryanair for encouraging passengers to apply for refunds directly through the airline, claiming that it was a ploy to break agents’ relationship with customers. The airline says on its web page: "Where we’ve been required to cancel flights, customers will be able to transfer to an alternative Ryanair flight free of charge or receive a refund." In some cases, unauthorised, screen scraping travel websites are blocking … Photograph: Jason Cairnduff/Reuters Requesting a refund for a delayed or cancelled Ryanair flight . The airline came under significant criticism last week for changing its policy on refunds for cancelled flights. However, the law states that you are only entitled to a refund if your flight is actually cancelled. Irish-carrier Ryanair was one such airline, cancelling all holiday flights on March 24 and leaving customers with ruined holiday plans. By … TUI has also cancelled a number of flights … RYANAIR passengers have been refused cash refunds for their cancelled flights until the coronavirus crisis is over and are being offered vouchers instead. The budget airline will contact passengers who could not get their flights … Ryanair has confirmed to us that customers on cancelled flights can still apply for a cash refund via its customer service channels. If the airline has cancelled your flights then you are entitled to a full refund under the Denied Boarding Regulation. Ryanair has paid out €1.5bn (£1.35bn) in cash refunds or vouchers for cancelled flights since the Covid-19 outbreak in Europein the spring and said it had almost cleared the backlog. She told us: ‘Ryanair said it wasn’t their problem if I couldn’t get in to Cyprus, they were just a carrier flying me from A to B, and they refused a refund for the higher fare or any credit against the change fee.’ A Ryanair spokesperson told us: ‘For non-cancelled flights, standard T&Cs apply. Ryanair says “Any passenger whose flight has been cancelled as a result of these Government shutdowns, will over the next week or two, receive an … TUI has also cancelled a number of flights and holiday packages and will be refunding passengers. Ryanair have reported that they have received over 1,000 times the normal volume of flight cancellations, so there is no surprise that we are all experiencing delays getting a refund from Ryanair. If your flight is cancelled and you were not notified 14 prior to your departure, you are entitled to a new flight(s) to your final destination or, if you cannot find a flight that suits you when rebooking your flight, you can contact Ryanair and ask for the full refund of your fare. Application for specific customers please enter the name of each customer requesting a refund and then indicate which flights are to be cancelled. Only 4% of Ryanair customers who responded to the survey said they'd received a full refund after having their trip cancelled. Re: Refund for Ryanair flight Hi @Devlino, Thank you for using PayPal. A Ryanair spokesperson said: "For any cancelled flight, Ryanair is giving customers all of the options set out under EU regulations, including free … Ryanair has confirmed that customers who had their UK flights cancelled will be offered a refund. The email says vouchers can be exchanged for cash in 12 months. Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline, today (Fri 3 rd July) confirmed that it was making rapid progress in processing customer refunds for flights cancelled during the period from March to June as a result of Government imposed Covid-19 flight cancellations.. Ryanair, easyJet and KLM, and online agents such as Opodo, have received criticism for failing to process refunds for flights. In fact, Ryanair says it won't cancel any of the flights it had scheduled during that period. Ryanair flights will be cancelled as a result of the travel bans, with customers offered refunds or date changes free of charge. Passengers of the major airlines are still struggling to obtain refunds for cancelled flights, despite being entitled to them by law. The Commission for Aviation Regulation earlier issued an advisory to consumers about their right to a refund if their flight is cancelled. If contacting the merchant is out of the question, we could try and file a dispute case through the resolution center. 90% of backlog to be cleared by end July. However, Ryanair has now decided to offer vouchers to costumers rather than cash refunds… Ryanair cancelled flights: Airline launches new system so all customers can get refunds RYANAIR is just one of many airlines that have been forced to cancel flights in … Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary has said it will take up to six months to refund passengers for flights cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Number of passengers: * Required. Passengers who booked after 10 June can change flights departing up the end of November for free, with at least seven days notice, but take care that you don’t get ripped off when rebooking.

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