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It’s also really encouraging to see those answered prayers when you’re in the midst of crisis. Official Prayer Guide. A Praying Life: Connecting with God in a Distracting World Paul E. Miller (NavPress) $14.99 As an ecumenical Christian bookstore we have sold hundreds of different books on prayer over our 33 years of book-selling; we enjoy helping people learn about the different sorts of books about this topic. Petitioning the King: Place a chair at the front of your space and encourage your group to imagine the chair as a throne to approach God with. Prayer is two-way communication. Moses & His Presence (1 of 5) Scott Maze. A Prayer for Young Women of the World Daily Prayers – prayer for protection, prayer for friends, prayer for the home; and more. Prayer is meant to be a way of life for Christians, a way of talking to God and listening for His voice with the ears of the heart. Gina specialize in prayer retreats, and especially trains on structured prayer journaling for clarity in Christian living; however, she can speak on any one of the topics as a guest speaker. The Prayer and Bible Band Topics are an excellent source for those who desire to know more about God’s will for their lives through Bible study and practical application. DAY 24. prayer for spiritual growth . The following retreats are the most popular: Heading for High Places - The title for this retreat is taken from the book "Hinds Feet on High Places". The windowsill of heaven Every morning lean your arms awhile upon the windowsill of heaven and gaze upon the Lord. –Jonathan Graf is the president of the Church Prayer Leaders Network and a popular speaker on the topic of prayer. DAY 21. 100 Things To Pray … DAY 16. ACTS prayer model beautiful prayers contemporary prayer poems the armor of god the serenity prayer listening prayer prayer sms messages prayer for spiritual growth prayer for pastors call to worship prayers blessing prayer god I need you! prayer topics. site admin. These sample prayers also cover several topics such as healing, protection and guidance. A Prayer for Neighbours – while taking a walk. DAY 20. Find more prayer events across the nation. Find prayers of confession arranged topically. DAY 19. National Day Of Prayer Guide . Continue to pray DAILY for our troops stationed around the world; that they would have success and favor in every area of service. Sample morning prayer. Prayer - Prayer - Forms of prayer in the religions of the world: The forms that prayer takes in the religions of the world, though varied, generally follow certain fixed patterns. Use this list of prayer ideas to help deepen your relationship with God. DAY 11. about . Things To Pray For List . ), which I put together into seven days of prayer prompts. A Prayer for Those in Prison. Ask, Seek, Knock 9. Theme or Devotional/Workshop Titles: 1. RETREAT TOPICS All of the retreats listed below (unless otherwise specified) are can be used by women’s group, teenager groups and mixed church groups. Get the official 2020 National Day of Prayer guide, complete with key leaders and succession list, scripture, prayers of past leaders, and more! Psalm 1 - Gaining godly wisdom and protection (not a commentary). DAY 03. The point is for all of us to start praying more intentionally for our churches, and to encourage others to do the same. Digital and Downloadable. DAY 02. Prayer Retreat Format & Topics If prayer does not seem like an exciting topic for a women’s conference, then you have never had a Prayer Closet Organizer. a journal) and I'd like to share them with you. A Prayer for Friends. contact us privacy policy & cookies terms & conditions copyright. God hears and answers the prayers of his people. Click one of the following device links to select platform, which will lead you to download your eBook. DAY 15. Discover the ways people pray. DAY 27. of the . DAY 17. many . Although sometimes we may need to pray silently, we should make an extra effort at times to pray vocally (see Doctrine and Covenants 19:28; 20:51). Also available on: Bible verses by topic. As we close our prayers, we should take time to pause and listen. (Always Say a Prayer) 2. Psalm 1 - Commentary. PRAYER TOPICS FOR YOUR INTERCESSION. Pray for ALL men, because God so loved the WORLD. A-C-T-S ADORATION Prayers Praise, bless Jesus as Lord – Believing He is in control. The lessons include questions for the student’s consideration and discussion. MAKE GOD’S WORD COME ALIVE IN YOUR LIFE! Many will add some of these topics to their own prayer lives as they see that they are important to the leadership of your church. DAY 18. Prayer remains one of the great and glorious mysteries of the universe — that the all-knowing, all-wise, all-sovereign God should ordain to run his world in response to our prayers is mind-boggling. Adventures in Prayer 5. CONFESSION Prayers We confess our sins – seeking God’s mercy. Prayer Theme List Topics and titles for prayer event meetings, prayer breakfasts, prayer devotionals, prayer workshops, and prayer meetings. Select from the tabs above to view it online or to download or link it to your calendar on phone, tablet or computer. DAY 09. DAY 07. The difference is that worship focuses on who God is; thanksgiving focuses on what God has done. Also available at are inspiring Prayer Quotes that will challenge your faith! Then with the vision in your heart, turn strong to meet your day. National Day Of Prayer Topics. 1. (Thomas Blake) • read more inspiring prayers for the morning here . List Of Prayer Points . Prayer is the open admission that without Christ we can do nothing. Series: Face to Face with God Exodus 33:12-23 Today, we begin a series designed to show you what happens when God shows up. DAY 28. The app is highly rated with over over 4,000 5-star reviews. Almanac is a complete calendar and lectionary according to the calendar of the Church of England for both Common Worship and the Book of Common Prayer.. AND-I keep a page for answered prayers—I love tracking how God has fulfilled his promises. DAY 08. PRAYERS FOR OTHERS. These are also on our Bible Devotion page. Find bible verses related to all kind of subjects. Jan 17, 2018 - If daily prayer is new to you, it can be hard to come up with topics to pray about. At times, Heavenly Father will counsel, guide, or comfort us while we are on our knees. contact us privacy policy & cookies terms & conditions copyright. WORSHIP: Plan musical worship for your meeting as a way to welcome the Holy Spirit, and as reminder of how great the Lord God is.Weaving worship throughout your time of prayer is a great way to build faith. Beyond that, I’ve put together a list of things to pray for when your mind is simply drawing a blank. DAY 01. ACTS prayer model beautiful prayers contemporary prayer poems the armor of god the serenity prayer listening prayer prayer sms messages prayer for spiritual growth prayer for pastors call to worship prayers blessing prayer god I need you! LISTEN NOW. If you’re looking for more sermon ideas on prayer, be sure to head over to to find 100’s of sermons on prayer to help you out! Prayer Topics Each day provides an attribute of God, a list of items to consider for prayer, and a video-led prayer by a pastor. DAY 22 . NEW: A Prayer for the Nations. Date Title Scripture Reference; 2020-07-21 Counting Our Blessings: Numbers 24:1-9: 2020-06-15 Approaching God with Confidence: Hebrews 4:14-16: 2020-04-25 The Prophet: Matthew 21:1-11: 2020 … READ NOW. Devotions about Prayer. A Praying Life 3. Prayer Topics For The Church . We have unique pages. DAY 04. 10 Things to Pray for Friends and Family. May these prayer guides and other resources help you to pray in faith—believing that the God who commanded us to pray will hear and work miracles (remember, He longs for you to approach Him in prayer). Topics include information to learn more about the Church and its teachings, and how to grow in your faith. DAY 25. They’re simply what one guy thought of while sitting in his office chair. Organized by a list of topics, you should be able to find the perfect prayer to match your worship service. And He Hears us (1 John 5:15) 8. DAY 06. Prayer is an expression of faith in God’s power, fueled by a desire for more of him. Follow Us: HOME Prayer Quotes Prayers by Topic Prayer Help 4 Main Types of Prayers. Find more prayers by topic at including prayers for healing, prayer for strength, prayers for protection, morning prayers and more! But that is the uniform witness of Scripture. 100 Prayers from the prayer web-site of the De La Salle Brothers 1 Praying with others across the world Lord, you said that when two or three would gather together in your name, then you would be present with them. Find Other Prayer Events. A.S.A.P. DAY 12. A Prayer for Prodigals. Besides writing out my prayers in my journal, I also have a list of running prayer requests and a list of people I pray for daily. Psalm 3 - Insights and a Skit - From Powerless to POWERFUL Psalm 4 Prayer of Comfort and Guidance inspired by Psalm 4 (not a commentary) Then pray it and share it! Browse devotions about Prayer, from the Today Daily Devotional library. At one time or another, one of these prayers always seems to hit me in what I call DPT (Divine Perfect Timing). DAY 05. Get Creative: Use the 5 senses; give people something to hold, taste, watch, listen or do as you pray through a topic. National and local events. listening prayer. This is hardly the “official list” of the 18 most important things to pray. DAY 30. The prayer of worship: The prayer of worship is similar to the prayer of thanksgiving. DAY 23. List Of Prayer Topic . National Day Of Prayer Ideas . List of All Novenas Here you will find the complete list of all novenas that are found in the Pray app. Psalms! Prayer—it’s something we know we’re supposed to do, but we’re so busy, so tired, and perhaps even so doubtful of its power that we often do everything but pray. DAY 14. Learn the different prayer postures. If prayer is your struggle, don’t feel bad about it! A Servant’s Prayer 4. I found it helpful to study some of Jesus’ fundamental teachings on the subject (he had quite a lot to say! DAY 29. prayer topics. All in the Asking 6. 2. Today's Devotion; Devotional Library; Subscriptions; Devotional Blog; Donate; Help; About Us; Today. Always in my Prayers 7. Topic of - The Book of Psalms Each page is unique. The Psalms! DAY 26. Admitting we have a need for God. DAY 10. SHORT SECTIONS: Most people find long periods of prayer challenging, so split the time into shorter intervals, each focusing on a different topic and using a different style of prayer. Through the years, I have collected some awesome prayers that I had written down in my prayer book (a.k.a. Allow time for each member to come, one at a time, to kneel and pray. NEW! DAY 13. site admin. As a result, there are prayers for every occasion, from a simple salvation prayer to deeper devotionals that help facilitate and strengthen one's spiritual journey. Almanac: the Calendar and Lectionary for Common Worship. Includes member submitted prayers, prayer topics, and inspirational music.

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