if he's cheating make him spaghetti voodoo

They really don’t seems to get it do they?!? Your words hit me hard, I’m in the middle of a breakup , 4 weeks in and it does feel like he did something to me to make me never stop caring! When his bad mood would arise he would talk and text me putting me down so much .. The day after the abuse incident he texted me and said”I’ve done awful things, I’m going straight to hell!” I’m actually finally over him and in a better place but still going back and thinking about his repetitive and hurtful behavior still makes no sense to me. I need to do this for my sake and for the sake of my daughter! I cannot get over the narcissist. Can’t I block him on fb, Twitter, Instagram and snapchat? Been with a N for 11 months. I wanted to know the same thing about whether or not if he texted or called, do I would unblock him. They really do see you as a stupid sucker . another possibility is that they are in the over-evaluation stage and he is currently obsessed with his new target, only to revert back to his old self once she is no longer shiny and new. She tried many tactics, and I didn’t respond for days. Yeah, she suddenly started taking anti depressants and going to a psychiatrist which diagnosed her with malignant sociopathic narcissism that falls on the very far extreme end of the spectrum. Back in August, we talked about cheating and over 20% of you shared that you'd be cheated on. It lasted a month and a half before she suddenly told me over the phone that she wanted a divorce again, and this came after she previously had the divorce petition voluntarily dismissed. As kind, empathic, compassionate people, we want to believe that everyone else has it in them somewhere to be the same. No idea if or how I’ll get out of this. Well, soon it set in. I was in horrific pain for 48 hours but I have not given in and don’t plan to. She started to pursue me just after I got out of rehab. I learned the unknown call was him trying to contact me w/ his new #. If I tried to talk to him he would belittle me or glare, though. Always felt something was wrong. He called me private number at work asking if I had called him the day prior (it was his birthday). I know this is partly my fault. So don’t fall for it. There’s so much effort to purge someone from our lives nowadays. Even now 2 months later, I still find out what he’s been up to, how many women he’s been cheating on me with. Or you’d have someone keeping sentry with a shotgun, were this the Old West. Just wow! My husband felt his loss of control on me and announced his divorce in the presence of our 2 beautiful daughters. And the fact you are over them. It has been long strides of feeling happy again met by clouds of static and confusion – he tried to take a loan out in my name so I felt I needed to break contact. Believe the psychiatrist who warned you that she is dangerous. In my mind I asked myself .. Who says that??? Wow, reading these examples of texts is like reading my own phone periodically. I have moved and have gone no contact for 2 months. That i’m the one who mistreated her. Tonight he tried to add me on Instagram. Whether this is conscious behavior or subconscious behavior, a narcissist knows just what information is important enough to be remembered and stored for future use. I feel for you as I was in this type of relationship. Lied to me 3 times through out the week to avoid hanging out with me. In reading this blog and the comments, I feel for so many of us who have been victims of a narcissist. Thats my story and many more just like that. go 100 no contact or they will play on your kindness then suck you back. Then he acts like he doesnt understand why I cant trust him. But i said nothing till we were done with our dinner I was hungry too. Then I received an email from him asking if I tried to call him. That was the actual first time I did not respond at all. You justify breaking no contact because you aren’t giving in, you’re telling him to stop. I don’t think he will ever let me leave. Fingers crossed he has.. I am on the same boat as you. Do I have to go about the mean way by just quickly and without warning block her from everything and treat her like an enemy?

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