blue buffalo cat food killing cats

I have been go ogling trying to find if other cats on grain free foods have had issues and found this site. A veterinarian (and veterinary nurse in the practice) can help to collect information. Colette, if you have problems with a particular food, you need to send your email to the company. I agree that the ingredients of their pet foods mimic more high end brands and I was really hoping this would be a good alternative for those who cannot afford to pay top prices. When the first cat become ill I suspected something wrong with the food as they were not eating it, the other cats wouldn’t touch it and the two who become ill were throwing it up. Switching to another food may work but delaying a visit to the vet may allow the dog to become sicker. Tell us which food you switched them to. In the morning my girls were playing and I fed them breakfast and within 2 hours they were sick and at the doctors. Love them like family. "Be suspicious of a food-related disease especially if you notice trends in households, food consumed, or clusters of cases geographically," Bartges cautioned veterinarians. However, it is rare that their food is responsible for the illness," said. The feed control association defines natural products as those that don't contain any chemically synthesized ingredients except vitamins or minerals. and a chunk of whatever meat i ate for dinner. Whats the odds on that! To whom it may concern; They have numerous animals dying because of their food and they could care less. We use a government certified laboratory to test for normal analyticals, toxins, bacterial contamination, and spoilage. Once I finish the food I have I’m switching brands and refuse to ever support blue buffalo! I’m glad you figured out the problem so easily. Though not a veterinarian, Sagman notes that he has a strong background in chemistry and biology and is well-versed in reading pet food labels. Rating: 4.5. True, but Joe Bartges, DVM, PhD, a professor at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville noted that FDA recalls may not always be issued quickly and cautioned against dismissing consumers' observations too quickly. I hope this helps if anyone else had the same issue. Thanks for your comments, Thomas Bizzell. Have owners discontinue feeding suspected food immediately. A veterinarian (and veterinary nurse in the practice) can help to collect information. There are others on the market you can purchase in better pet stores. I'm slowly adding more of this to my cat's diet. Blue Buffalo is a well-known dog food brand that promotes itself as being “A+” in nutrition. Yeah if it isn’t a fake rumor then probably just allergies but ya know anything can be fake…. First of all, it’s good that you decided to change your cat from Science Diet. I guess I’m going to have to return these cans and drive around town to find the Wellness Simple!!!! Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Food for Mature Cats As for the mature cat version of the Wilderness dry line, the high-meat, grain-free adult formula is further enhanced with additional Menhaden fish meal, which is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, and flaxseeds, which provide omega-6 … My Heart is broken losing my beautiful fun cat Bobbit! He also served as Senior Vice President of United Press International and was the founder and editor of Zapnews, a newswire service for radio and television. The only way to be sure is to see if he can return to normal with another high-quality food. But every dog is different and you cannot assume that just because your pet thrives while eating a certain food that others will do the same. For instance, cats and dogs should not eat onions or garlic, Nelson said. My cat got crystals from Blue Buffalo. They didn’t used to–we’ve used it for nearly a year. Bartges, like other veterinarians, doesn't disagree. The labels for natural products containing any of these ingredients must state: "Natural with added vitamins, minerals and other trace nutrients.". Do not throw it away and do not send it all back. "Organic" and "holistic" currently have no specific definitions for pet foods under the Association of American Feed Control Officials guidelines. Let’s hope yours was an unusual case. He did ok at first but then developed blood tinged diarrhea. Of my cat's canned food, this smells the most palatable. So I ordered some online but had to buy some food in the interim. Longest-lived cats did not eat commercial cat food Now, consider the case of the world’s longest living cat (so far as is known), Creme Puff . If your cats like the food … Hopefully, not. Good luck. So sorry to hear that, Nancy. This diet is an indoor chicken … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Unsubscribe at any time. We also continue to source all of meats, grains, fruits and vegetables from within the United States. I have read that the company did change their formula in 2013 but I don’t have facts to back that up. I recently wrote a review of the 4Health Grain Free Dog Food on this site but haven’t received any comments on it. If you are not doing this then stomach problems occur for long periods of time. FDA warns of thyroid risk from dog food containing gullets, Blue Buffalo class action settlement instructions, Blue Buffalo to pay $32 million to settle lawsuits by pet owners, What you should consider when selecting food for your dog or cat, Simple changes in pet food could help reduce obesity, study concludes, The humanization of pet foods is leading to market growth, Democrats vote to increase stimulus payments, restaurant pandemic spending varies by state, Your travel rewards card may now reward more than just travel, Streamlined menus, clean-label food, and umami top the food prediction list for 2021, Pregnant women in their third trimester are unlikely to pass COVID-19 to newborns, study finds, Consumers should focus on helping others for their New Year’s resolutions, study suggests, Netflix will spend millions to create more original content in 2021, Mitsubishi recalls Outlander and Outlander Sport vehicles. The food wasn't dangerous or anything, but they weren't being honest. Some Wellness cat foods might work. Taylor said that strict regulation of pet food is vital because the ", product is basically the sole diet. "These statements (the consumer postings) are not backed by any scientific studies, and the conditions described in the postings are amongst the most common conditions seen in everyday veterinary practice," said Ettinger said after reviewing many of the posted Beneful reports. I am still waiting for the form to fill out about the Vet cost’s due to the Blue Buffalo I had purchased for my pet. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers. My frenchies are doing better on another food. Any manufacturer that uses these ingredients should be avoided, Nelson said. I have been purchasing Blue Buffalo for my dog since 11/14 however it has made him very ill. I’m glad your dog does well eating this food and I wish you the best. Best Low Iodine Senior Cat Food: Made with 95% animal ingredients, this is an incredibly low-carb recipe from Blue Buffalo’s new Carnivora line. These controls include the following: Certificate of origin for all ingredients COA's (certificates of analysis) on all our ingredients prior to accepting Testing of each ingredient for known toxins prior to accepting Testing during production to insure that our formulas meet our nutritional specifications. He is doing much better. I hope your company is VERY happy for hurting my baby!!! What was then a trickle has since become a flood, one that could possibly have been averted if the company had responded more quickly. I read so much about cats so I can be the best cat mommy I can be, and that’s how I knew her symptoms were caused by the expensive misleading food. Consider trying a grain-free cat food with a different meat than you have been feeding. Contact the FDA through their, For its part, Blue Buffalo maintains on its website, advertising and product packaging that all of its ", are made with the finest natural ingredients.". The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found a euthanasia drug in several brands of dog food, leading some brands to issue a voluntary recall and causing concern among pet owners. I had a lot of people telling me to try you’re Blue Buffalo, now I’m having vet bills I can’t afford. Food toxicity, after all, is a fact of life both for humans and their pets. We were not able to ask Blue Buffalo about any of these ingredients because the company did not respond to our request for comment. If anyone else has problems with any of the 4Health products, I would like to know. Report after report followed on this and other websites with stories like two Boston/Pug mixed breeds that were switched from another pet food brand to Blue Basic Turkey & Potato Dry Formula and for two years, did well.  Then the owners began noticing behavior problems and digestive changes.  The diarrhea turned bloody, but tests showed nothing wrong.  One of the dogs developed a bad rash.  The owners attributed all these changes to the Blue Buffalo® food. They cannot reliably produce the same nutrient qualities from batch to batch and prove it or even in the same batch. But you have to decide for yourself what works best for your fur babies. all the talk about what an unbalanced diet can do to a cat and she lived into her mid 20’s. Being alert to signs of illness is the first line of defense. I have two cats that require prescription food, so in that I have no other alternative, but my newer kitten who elected to feed blue buffalo has been very gassy as well as having diarrhea. Everyone has to decide for themselves if the Blue Buffalo food will work for their pet. We don’t know how long we will have him with us . After finding the complaints posted on the Consumer Affairs site, the owner took the kittens off the Blue Buffalo® food and within hours, they began improving. Natalie, I’m glad you figured out your cat’s problem and took her off of the food. After switching to this food, cats seem to exhibit increased energy, thick shiny coats, clear bright eyes, and less smelly bowel movements. Amy, give him a few days to settle his stomach and then try a different cat food. Brown rice, the site says, "is of only modest nutritional value to a dog," while tomato pumice is "a by-product remaining after processing tomatoes into juice, soup and ketchup.". Tired of scrolling through dozens of cat food names? I started my Blue Russian cat on Blue Buffalo about 2 months ago! And further, Nelson says consumers should be wary of any pet food company that claims to have organic or holistic food. Others wrote that Blue Buffalo® causes gas and digestive problems.  Many animals vomited after eating and lost weight.  Diarrhea was a recurring theme, along with dogs that passed blood in their stools. Minnie was so sweet and my service Dog. If this food does not take care of your pet’s problems, I suggest you look at a grain-free food with fish or duck – any novel protein that she hasn’t been eating. ", The first complaint was from Paulette, of Sonora, Calif., who said her dog came down with pancreatitis five days after being started on. I’m not doubting you – just looking for more information. My cat became ill after eating Blue Buffalo Freedom Mature cat food. We have strict controls in place to make sure that our ingredients meet the highest quality standards. Their canned food, however, is processed in Thailand with U. S. and Australian ingredients. I’m glad you are trying her on a new food. It soon got to a point where eating even a few bites led to vomiting. He was fine up until a 2-3 months ago when he developed diarrhea that has been constant since then. Here is the text of their emailed response, as supplied to us by several consumers: Thank you for contacting us. In addition, none of our products are involved in any recalls nor have we experienced issues with any of our batches. Every day I'll cycle between Fancy Feast assorted cans and this Blue Buffalo canned food. Emily, I assume you stopped feeding your cat that food. estimates that 76 million Americans get sick, more than 300,000 are hospitalized, and 5,000 people die from food borne illnesses each year. Blue Buffalo Cat Food is extremely popular with cats and cat owners, and for good reason. The pet food company should be contacted. Instead of taking him to a vet appt I’m taking him in to be cremated Monday! Or cut somehow but anyway it came from a kibble. But let’s not assume that people don’t change foods properly. When you have time, Google “complaints about Blue Buffalo” and click on the one for consumer affairs. Consumers should also pay attention to food ingredients. I’ve never had a problem with either. 1 dog did great. April was bright and talented. Complaints about Blue Buffalo began arriving at ConsumerAffairs almost exactly a year ago, on March 13, 2012. He was a healthy energetic cat. When ANI assembled all of its ingredients for Blue Buffalo foods and began stamping out cans of cat and dog food, this melamine ended up in the mixture. Try it and see if she will eat it. I hope you have successfully changed your dog’s diet and that he is doing well on the new food. You’ll need a holistic pet store that carries those. Go to a better pet store and ask what they would suggest. There is nothing in it that could harm him. Get the news you need delivered right to you. It was a very painful episode. Time will tell if there really is something wrong with the heavily-advertised Blue Buffalo® pet foods.  In the meantime, exercise caution with your pets.  If your pet reacts badly after eating any brand of food, switch food and see if there is improvement.  Conduct your own food trial this way to determine if a problem exists.  Document all reactions, dates, and amounts fed.  Then talk to your veterinarian, in case he or she wants to get involved.  Contact the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for advice on submitting a complaint.  Write your local Better Business Bureau.  Check the Consumer Affairs website and leave a comment about your pet’s experience, and certainly contact the manufacturer of the offensive food and tell them the story. Note that during the 8 years prior to this Class Action Law Suit over 100,000 dogs from multiple states were sickened with vomiting, diarrhea, IBD, pancreatitis, etc We began getting consults and seeing patients with liver failure and started piecing together the common thread before it was officially released," he said in an interview with ConsumerAffairs. I suggest that anytime a pet owner suspects a commercial food of causing illness or death to an animal, that the vet report his or her findings. I think their food is okay, it's probably not any worse than most other foods with similar ingredients. With that, the composition, or getting the right nutrients in there, is part of safety.".

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