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Semester Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am - 8:30pm . The Architecture Section at the Knowlton School makes its case through form, the lingua franca of architectural culture and the fundamental medium of the field. Find books, journals, magazines, and DVDs by searching in OneSearch or browsing in the Architecture Library. Saturday Closed . The John Rex Cunningham Architecture Library is a unique resource which resides within the west wing of the Donald W. Reynolds School of Architecture Building. The Knowlton School Digital Library supports the educational mission of the Austin E. Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University. Room 211, 310, 351, 356; 129 West 12th Ave Columbus, OH 43210 In aesthetics as in politics, form determines who and what go where, when. Faculty members, staff members, and students currently enrolled or employed under architecture … The Oklahoma State University Libraries exist as a resource to expand the learning potential of students and citizens of our state and to enhance the teaching and research capabilities of our faculty. The Architecture, Landscape and City Scholars Program is a community of talented students who participate in programs and activities designed to offer insight into architecture, landscape architecture, and city and regional planning. Monday through Friday 10am - 4pm Library Hours for Autumn 2020; August 25th - November 25th. Search Tips: Adjacency: Words can be searched as a phrase by enclosing them in double quotation marks. CEAT Architecture is the academic program landing for all of architecture degrees. Find course reserve items such as books, articles, and DVDs. The Caudill Fellow is required to keep a journal of his or her experiences focused on observation and analysis. Sunday 2pm - 8pm The Caudill Fellowship program was established in 1984 to provide funding for the outstanding architecture graduate from the OSU School of Architecture for independent study and travel abroad. The Edmon Low Library, which sits at the heart of campus, has served as the home of the main collection since 1953. Example: "art therapy": Proximity Operators: Words can be searched within a specified range of each other using proximity operators. Friday 9am - 6pm . Architecture Library History John Rex Cunningham The Rex Cunningham Architectural Resource Center (now called the Cunningham Architectural Library) was first established on the second floor of the OSU Armory/ Gymnasium when it was renovated into the Architecture Building in 1978. The library contains media related to the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City and Regional Planning. Library Services through 8/24; . Architecture Library Knowlton Hall, 275 West Woodruff Avenue Columbus, OH 43210; Baker Hall . ; Contact Brad Johnston by email or call 765-285-5865 to make an appointment to visit the Visual Resources Collection in the Architecture Building, Room 117, and explore the Building Material Samples Collection.

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