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Many will think these hard sayings; but I think it no breach of charity to affirm, that an Arian or Socinian cannot be a Christian. George Whitefield was born in Gloucester in a pub a used to go to when I lived there, before moving to America and preached to as many as 30,000 at any one time! Selected Sermons of George Whitefield - Enhanced Version eBook: Whitefield, George: Kindle Store Selected Sermons of George Whitefield. I have not bidden you to make yourselves saints, and then come to God; but I have offered you salvation on as cheap terms as you can desire. ‎An important figure in the founding of Methodism, George Whitefield has a gift for preaching. Is it not then high time, my brethren, for you to entertain quite different thoughts concerning justification by Jesus Christ? Free shipping for many products! 1:30); The Lord Our Righteousness (Jer. For there is a spiritual, as well as a corporeal feeling; and though this is not communicated to us in a sensible manner, as outward objects affect our senses, yet it is as real as any sensible or visible sensation, and may be as truly felt and discerned by the soul, as any impression from without can be felt by the body. And do you think he has changed his nature, and forgets poor sinners; now he is exalted to the right hand of God? George Whitefield, also known as George Whitfield, was an English Anglican priest who helped spread the Great Awakening in Britain and, especially, in the British North American colonies. And why are not we lifting up our eyes in torments? Oct 18, 2020 the collected sermons of george whitefield Posted By Robert LudlumMedia Publishing TEXT ID 54299987 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library The Collected Sermons Of George Whitefield Ebook the collected sermons of george whitefield oct 05 2020 posted by el james media text id 742a4b16 online pdf ebook epub library ministry originally penned by j c ryle whether you are entirely unfamiliar Next » What Think Ye of Christ? 03. For (sing, O heavens, and rejoice, O earth!) Be ye then persuaded to kiss him lest he be angry, and so you be banished for ever from the presence of the Lord. George Whitefield - Chapter 6 of 20. Walking with God. I hope there is no one present so atheistical, as to think, that man made himself; no, it was God that made us, and not we ourselves. ‘If ever a man burnt himself out in the service of God, it was Whitefield. A mark of revival is heartfelt gospel preaching whether the preacher is a Calvinist, such as George Whitefield, or an Arminian, such as John Wesley – both men preached that salvation is through Christ alone. Pennsylvania’s Benjamin Franklin, a publisher and a Quaker with little spiritual interest in the evangelist’s message gave a glowing report of his preaching. In this body he performed a complete obedience to the law of God; whereby he, in our stead, fulfilled the covenant of works, and at last became subject to death, even death upon the cross; that as God he might satisfy, as man he might obey and suffer; and being God and man in one person, might once more procure a union between God and our souls. Those that received our Lord and his doctrine, will receive and hear us for his name's sake. George Whitefield . George Whitefield and His Ministry --2.A Summary of Whitefield's Doctrine --3.Sermons --The Method of Grace --Christ the Believer's Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, and Redemption --The Lord our Righteousness --The Seed of the Woman and the Seed of the Serpent --Walking with God --The Good Shepherd- a Farewell Sermon ... Sermons of George Whitefield: The 57 Classic Lectures Upon Christian Theology, Biblical Doctrine and Prophecy George Whitefield. Not to justify himself, but only to evidence the sincerity of his love and thankfulness to his all-merciful High-priest, for plucking him as a firebrand out of the fire. If you now perish, it will not be for lack of knowledge: I am free from the blood of you all. Your email address will not be published. No, my brethren, this is not destroying, but teaching you how to do good works, from a proper principle. “Know you not, (says that Apostle to the Corinthians, a church famous for its gifts above any church under heaven) that Christ is in you, (by his Spirit) unless you are reprobates?”. Thus runs the text and context, “When the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them, saying, What think ye of Christ? O let there be joy in heaven over some of you repenting! St. James had a different set of people to deal with; such who abused the doctrines of free justification, and thought they should be saved (as numbers among us do now) upon their barely professing to believe on Jesus Christ. Whitefield gives us a glimpse in his Journal of his walk with God. No; if they are asked, as Peter and his brethren were, “But whom say ye that I am?” they will reply without hesitation, “Thou art Christ the Son of the ever-living God.” For the confession of our Lord's divinity, is the rock upon which he builds his church. what thoughts will you entertain concerning Jesus Christ, in that hour? £ibrar;pofCheti>eolo0ical^emmarjo PRINCETON •NEWJERSEY PRESENTEDBY TheEstateof HaroldMcAfeeRobinson,D.D. Whitefield's Sermons Theme. Walking with God. I have looked one up on something similar to a sermon I am preparing to see how he deals with it and sometimes I look up one I especially like. And O that all were like-minded! Table of Contents. These sermons offer a historical as well as theological insights in Whitefield's time. And if they care not to yield obedience to the doctrines which we deliver, they must necessarily, in self-defense, speak against the preachers, lest they should be asked that question, which the Pharisees of old feared to have retorted on them, if they confessed that John was a prophet, “Why then did you not believe on him?” In all such cases, we have nothing to do but to search our own hearts, and if we can assure our consciences, before God, that we act with a single eye to his glory, we are cheerfully to go on in our work, and not in the least to regard what men or devils can say against, or do unto us. In contradistinction to that, he tells them, they were to look for justification in God's sight, only by the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ apprehended by faith. The reason why the Son of God took upon him our nature, was, the fall of our first parents. Ten Dollars ($10.00) $11.99. I care not how much of his sacred reproach I bear, so that some of you be converted from the errors of your ways. And in vain do we hope to believe in, or worship Christ aright, unless our principles, on which our faith and practice are founded, are agreeable to the form of sound words delivered to us in the scriptures of truth. And was it possible for you to ascend into the highest heaven, and to inquire of the spirits of just men made perfect, I am persuaded they would tell you this doctrine is from God. For they are greater infidels than the devils themselves, who confessed that they knew who he was, “even the holy one of God.” They not only believe, but, which is more than the unbelievers of this generation do, they tremble. George Whitefield, also known as George Whitfield, was an English Anglican priest who helped spread the Great Awakening in Britain and, especially, in the British North American colonies. Please login to your account first; Need help? Do not you think it was wondrous great? But if you think thus, indeed you think more highly of yourselves than you ought to think: for by nature we are all alike, all equally fallen short of the glory of God, all equally dead in trespasses and sins, and there needs the same almighty power to be exerted in converting any one of the most sober, good-natured, moral persons here present, as there was in converting the publican Zaccheus, or that notorious persecutor Saul. For it would not be gospel; it would be only a system of moral ethics. Struggling to achieve salvation through his own efforts, the Gloucester-born student, George Whitefield, at the age of twenty, read The Life of God in the Soul of Man, written by a 17th century Puritan divine, Henry Scougal. For there is no other name given under heaven, whereby we can be saved, but his. George Whitefield 1. Selected Sermons of George Whitefield $ 0.00. Sermons, sorted numerically. This is a great mystery; but I speak of Christ and the new-birth. And was it possible for me to know the thoughts of most that hear me this day, I believe they would tell me, this was the scheme they had laid, and perhaps depended on for some years, for their eternal salvation. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. The poor, blessed be God, as our present meeting abundantly testifies, receive the gospel, and the common people hear us gladly; whilst those who are sitting in Moses' chair, and love to wear long robes, being ignorant of the righteousness which is of God by faith in Christ Jesus, and having never felt the power of God upon their hearts, will be continually crying out against us, as madmen, deceivers of the people, and as acting under the influence of evil spirits. Although he finds, yet he does not leave us unholy. He has fulfilled all righteousness in our stead, that we might become the righteousness of God in him. Walking with God. He will be always asking, Lord, what shall I do for thee? George Whitefield was born in the Bell Tavern, Gloucester. Tags: « Prev: 24. the collected sermons of george whitefield Oct 05, 2020 Posted By William Shakespeare Library TEXT ID 742a4b16 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library sermons are ideal for personal and communal study they cover a wide range of topics from the benefits of piety to personal regeneration yet they do so with whitefields Some, and I fear a multitude which no man can easily number, there are amongst us, who call themselves Christians, and yet seldom or never seriously think of Jesus Christ at all. Whether you are entirely unfamiliar with who Whitefield was, or are well acquainted with his life, this book has something for you. If you say you are the chief of sinners, I answer, that will be no hindrance to your salvation, indeed it will not, if you lay hold on him by faith. Selected Sermons of George Whitefield Whitefield's Sermons George Whitefield. It is a living principle wrought in the soul, by the Spirit of the ever-living God, convincing the sinner of his lost, undone condition by nature; enabling him to apply and lay hold on the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ, freely offered him in the gospel, and continually exciting him, out of a principle of love and gratitude, to show forth that faith, by abounding in every good word and work. Mere heathen morality, and not Jesus Christ, is preached in most of our churches. I have good hope that the words which the Lord has enabled me to speak in your ears this day, have not altogether fallen to the ground. Font. Selected Sermons of George Whitefield contains over 50 of Whitefield’s sermons on a variety of topics, which are still edifying to read and study today, and you can find hundreds of his letters and journal entries in The Works of George Whitefield (13 vols.). Buy Selected Sermons of George Whitefield / With an Introduction and Notes by the REV. And now, What think you of this love of Christ? And when Christ, who is our life, and whom I have now been preaching, shall appear, I also, together with his despised little ones, shall appear with him in glory. SelectedsermonsofGeorge Whitefield For the gay, the polite, the rich also must die as well as others, and leave their pomps and vanities, and all their wealth behind them. Marvel not at my asking you, what you think about Christ being formed within you? Amazon Price New from Used from Kindle "Please retry" $1.03 — — Hardcover "Please retry" $48.71 . And whatsoever minister of the church of England, makes use of her forms, and eats of her bread, and yes holds not this doctrine (as I fear too many such are crept in amongst us) such a one belongs only to the synagogue of Satan. Our holiness, if we have any, is not the cause, but the effect of our justification in God's sight. to what a dreadful condition would such reduce us, even to the state of the abandoned heathen, who, St. Paul tells us, “were past feeling.” The Apostle prays, that the Ephesians may abound in all knowledge and spiritual understanding, or as it might be rendered, spiritual sensation. $12.49 Main Selected Sermons of George Whitefield. Surely it must melt down the most hardened heart. 01. The like reproaches which were cast on him, will be thrown on us also. 1:16). Font. ‘Above all he was a great saint, and Wesley and others bore tribute to this during his life and his death. “Blessed are you, (says our Lord to his first apostles, and in them to all succeeding ministers) when men speak all manner of evil against you falsely for my name's sake.” And indeed it is impossible but such offenses must come; for men will always judge of others, according to the principles from which they act themselves. Tell me, are there not many of you saying within yourselves, “This is a licentious doctrine; this preacher is opening a door for encouragement in sin.” But this does not surprise me at all, it is a stale, antiquated objection, as old a the doctrine of justification itself; and (which by the way is not much to the credit of those who urge it now) it was made by an infidel. “Ho, every one that thirsteth, come unto the waters of life, and drink freely; come and buy without money and without price.” Behold a fountain opened in your Savior's side, for sin and for all uncleanness. the eternal Father, foreseeing how Satan would bruise the heel of man, had in his eternal counsel provided a means whereby he might bruise that accursed Serpent's head. But, Secondly, What think you of the manhood or incarnation of Jesus Christ? Whitefield's sermons are ideal for personal and communal study. For whom Christ justifies, them he also sanctifies. This tavern, of which his father was proprietor, located in a rough neighborhood, was his childhood home. Besides, many deceivers are gone abroad into the world. Lord, what wouldst thou have me to do? ‘Fifteen people were driven mad’ complained some of his hearers to the Bishop who responded with the wish that the madness would not wear off before next Sunday. Available on Compatible NOOK Devices and the free NOOK Apps. I suppose no one will pretend to say, that there was any fitness for salvation in Zaccheus the publican, when he came to see Jesus out of no better principle, than that whereby perhaps thousands are led to hear me preach; I mean, curiosity: but Jesus Christ prevented and called him by his free grace, and sweetly, but irresistibly inclined him to obey that call; as, I pray God, he may influence all you that come only to see who the preacher is. In the great work of man” redemption, boasting is entirely excluded; which could not be, if only one of our works was to be joined with the merits of Christ. Selected Sermons of George Whitefield. This anthology includes an account of Whitefield's life by J.C. Ryle, a summary of Whitefield's doctrine by R. Elliot, and six sermons by Whitefield: The Method of Grace (Jer. Selected sermons of George Whitefield / with an introduction and notes by the Rev. Why do we not entertain more loving thoughts of Christ? My brethren, if Jesus Christ be not very God of very God, I would never preach the gospel of Christ again. It always pulls me in to read the whole thing. Selected Sermons of George Whitefield. God had respect to Abel before he had respect to his offering; and therefore the righteousness of Jesus Christ must be freely imputed to, and apprehended by us through faith, before we can offer an acceptable sacrifice to God: for out of Christ, as I hinted before, God is a consuming fire: and whatsoever is not of faith in Christ, is sin. Or do you think he will have mercy on others, and not on you? SA Radio. Selected Sermons of George Whitefield; With an Introduction and Notes by the Rev. George Whitefield I would as soon as think of climbing to the moon on a rope of sand! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Selected Sermons of George Whitefield at the best online prices at eBay! Radio Streams. NOOK Book (eBook) $ 0.99 View All Available Formats & Editions. It is as effectual to all who believe in him now, as formerly; and so it will be, till time shall be no more. Examine yourselves, therefore, my brethren, whether you are in the faith; prove yourselves; and think it not sufficient to say in your creed, I believe in Jesus Christ; many say so, who do not believe, who are reprobates, and yet in a state of death. Ordained on June 20th 1736; a week later, Whitefield preached his first sermon at St. Mary de Crypt, Gloucester. This doctrine of our free justification by faith in Christ Jesus, however censured and evil spoken of by our present Masters of Israel, was highly esteemed by our wise fore-fathers; for in the subsequent words of the aforementioned article, it is called a most wholesome doctrine, and very full of comfort; and so it is to all that are weary and heavy laden, and are truly willing to find rest in Jesus Christ. You take God's name in vain, when you call him Father, and your prayers are turned into sin, unless you believe in Christ, so as to have your life hid with him in God, and to receive life and nourishment from him, as branches do from the vine. Believe me, though it would be hell to my soul, to return to a natural state again, yet I would willingly change status with you for a little while, that you might know what it is to have Christ dwelling in your hearts by faith. Bible Version. 05. For as in Adam we all have spiritually died, so all that are effectually saved by Christ, must in Christ be spiritually made alive. While preaching this last sermon he cried out ‘Works! Fellowship with God. He is not a child or minister of God: no; he is a wolf in sheep's clothing; he is a child and minister of that wicked one the devil. How then, says our divine master, does David in spirit call him Lord?” From which passage it is evident, that we do not think rightly of the person of Jesus Christ, unless we believe him to be perfect God and perfect man, or a reasonable soul and human flesh subsisting. From CCEL, “An important figure in the founding of Methodism, George Whitefield has a gift for preaching. None but those that thus are changed by his grace here, shall appear with him in glory hereafter. Abraham's Offering Up His Son Isaac. Remember then, that at such an hour of such a day, in such a year, in this place, you were all told what you ought to think concerning Jesus Christ. George Whitefield. Title: Selected Sermons of George Whitefield. But such will find themselves dreadfully mistaken; for out of Christ, “God is a consuming fire.” Others satisfy themselves, with believing that Christ was God and man, and that he came into the world to save sinners in general; whereas, their chief concern ought to be, how they may be assured that Jesus Christ came into the world to save them in particular. They can think of their shops and their farms, their plays, their balls, their assemblies, and horse-races (entertainments which directly tend to exclude religion out of the world); but as for Christ, the author and finisher of faith, the Lord who has bought poor sinners with his precious blood, and who is the only thing worth thinking of, alas! For Christ was not only God, but he was God and man in one person. Man did eat; and herein acting as our representative, thereby involved both himself and us in that curse, which God, the righteous judge, had said should be the consequence of his disobedience. Whereas, St. Paul is talking only of our being justified in the sight of God; and thus he proves, that Abraham, as we also are to be, was justified before ever the moral or ceremonial law was given to the Jews, for it is written, “Abraham believed in the Lord, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.”, Take the substance of what has been said on this head, in the few following words. A Select COLLECTION of LETTERS, Written to his most intimate Friends, and Persons of Distinction, in England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, from the Year 1734, to 1770, including the … Sermons 58 and 59 are from Select Sermons of George Whitefield With and Account of His Life by J. C. Ryle, Banner of Truth, 1990. Search the Eleventh Article of our Church: “We are accounted righteous before God, only for the merits of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by faith, and not for our own works or deservings.”. Thus was the King and the Lord of glory judged by man's judgment, when manifest in flesh: far be it from any of his ministers to expect better treatment. Now our Lord, we know, freely prevented him by his grace, (and O that he would thus effectually call the persecutors of this generation) and by a light from heaven struck him to the ground. Selected Sermons Of George Whitefield (1904) Paperback – May 10, 2009 by George Whitefield (Author), A. R. Buckland (Introduction) 4.3 out of 5 stars 7 ratings For this reason, St. Paul, after he had told the Ephesians, “By grace they were saved through faith, not of works, lest any man should boast,” immediately adds, “For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works.” And in his epistle to Titus, having given him directions to tell the people they were justified by grace, directly subjoins, chap. The pulpit ban became a blessing in disguise when Whitefield took to open-air preaching. And O! The Great Duty of Family Religion. Certainly there was no more humble or lovable man amongst them. Abraham's Offering Up His Son Isaac Though the whole world despise you and cast you out, yet he will not disdain to take you up. George Whitefield : Book Navigation Title Page Sermons Sorted Alphabetically Table of Contents Sermon 1 Sermon 2 Sermon 3 Sermon 4 Sermon 5 Sermon 6 Sermon 7 Sermon 8 Sermon 9 Sermon 10 Sermon 11 Sermon 12 Sermon 13 Sermon 14 Sermon 15 Sermon 16 Sermon 17 Sermon 18 Sermon 19 Sermon 20 Sermon 21 Sermon 22 Sermon 23 Sermon 24 Sermon 25 Sermon 26 Sermon … A stranger to Christianity, were he to hear, that we all profess to hold one Lord, would naturally infer, that we all thought and spoke one and the same thing about him. Thus slow to anger, and of great kindness, was our all-merciful High-priest. (Click left for an example). But it is expedient for you, that I should ask you another question concerning Jesus Christ. What was Whitefield’s message? The Seed of the Woman, and the Seed of the Serpent. All we have to do, is to lay hold on this righteousness by faith; and the very moment we do apprehend it by a lively faith, that very moment we may be assured, that the blood of Jesus Christ has cleansed us from all sin. I am persuaded I seem t some of you as one that mocketh: but I speak the truth in Christ, I lie not; as sure as fire and brimstone was rained from the Lord out of heaven, to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, so surely, at the great day, shall the vials of God's wrath be poured on you. They do, they will desire to look into, and admire it, through all eternity. These first fifteen conversions paved the way for a ministry spanning thirty-five years throughout Great Britain and in thirteen American colonies. All who are born again of God, know that I lie not. From CCEL, “An important figure in the founding of Methodism, George Whitefield has a gift for preaching. And was it possible for arch-heretics, to be released from their chains of darkness, under which (unless they altered their principles before they died) they are now reserved to the judgment of the great day, I am persuaded they would inform us, how hell had convinced them of the divinity of Jesus Christ, and that they would advise their followers to abhor their principles, lest they should come into the same place, and thereby increase each others torments. Buckland by Whitefield, George, 1714-1770. 6:14); Christ the Believer's Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification and Redemption (I Cor. For he accepted of divine adoration from the man who had been born blind, as we read John 9:38, “And he said, Lord I believe, and he worshipped him.” Besides, if Christ be not properly God, our faith is vain, we are yet in our sins: for no created being, though of the highest order, could possibly merit anything at God' s hands; it was our Lord's divinity, that alone qualified him to take away the sins of the world; and therefore we hear St. John pronouncing so positively, that “the Word (Jesus Christ) was not only with God, but was God.” For the like reason, St. Paul says, “that he was in the form of God: That in him dwelt all the fullness of the godhead bodily.” Nay, Jesus Christ assumed the title which God gave to himself, when he sent Moses to deliver his people Israel. But I must not purpose these reflections: they would carry me too far from the main design of this discourse, which is to show, what those who are truly desirous to know how to worship God in spirit and in truth, ought to think concerning Jesus Christ, whom God hath sent to be the end of the law for righteousness to all them that shall believe. The former affects in line upon line, argument upon argument, “That we are justified by faith alone:” The latter put this question, “Was not Abraham justified by works?” From whence many, not considering the different views of these holy men, and the different persons they wrote to, have blended and joined faith and works, in order to justify us in the sight of God. He was an English Anglican preacher who spent most of his life spreading the gospel by preaching in open air and was one of the major instruments of God used in the Great Awakening in Britain and the United States. This is the sum and substance of the doctrine that has been delivered. He became perhaps the best-known preacher in Britain and America in the 18th century, and because he travelled through all of the My brethren, the word is nigh you; search the scriptures; beg of God to make you willing to be saved in this day of his power; for it is not flesh and blood, but the Spirit of Jesus Christ, that alone can reveal these things unto you. 4. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. He was one of the founders of Methodism and of the evangelical movement generally. Buy the selected items together. Buckland by Whitefield, George online on at best prices. A.R. 03. He thought them worthy of his most precious blood. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on … Title Page. George Whitefield (1714-1770) was an English evangelist whose preaching in America climaxed the religious revival known as the Great Awakening. At the same time, by his Spirit, he pricked him to the heart, convinced him of sin, and caused him to cry out, “Who art thou, Lord?” Christ replies, “I am Jesus whom thou persecutest.” Faith then was instantaneously given to him, and behold, immediately Saul cries out, “Lord, what wouldst thou have me to do?” And so will every poor soul that believes on the Lord Jesus with his whole heart. He did not say, Go tell those traitors; but, “Go tell my brethren in general, and poor Peter in particular, “that I am risen;” O comfort his poor drooping heart, tell him am reconciled to him; bit him weep no more so bitterly: for though with and curses he thrice denied me, yet I have died for his sins, I am risen again for his justification: I freely forgive him all. And did not Jesus Christ come into the world to save sinners? Christ the Best Husband: Or an Earnest Invitation to Young Women to Come and See Christ . Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God is, that you may be saved. Required fields are marked *, Be the first to review “Selected Sermons of George Whitefield”. by George Whitefield, New Century Books. By. I know what you will think of him. His active as well as his passive obedience, is to be applied to poor sinners. Selected Sermons of George Whitefield $ 0.00 Struggling to achieve salvation through his own efforts, the Gloucester-born student, George Whitefield, at the age of twenty, read The Life of God in the Soul of Man, written by a 17th century Puritan divine, Henry Scougal. Justification by Jesus Christ dwelleth in thy heart, lost, undone, damned sinners tribute. Find books this collection of 59 Sermons demonstrates that beyond question shortly before dying he said Lord. Sermons from the benefits of piety to personal… selected Sermons of George Whitefield Whitefield Sermons!, lost, undone, damned sinners amongst us of a truth a... Mercy on others, and act agreeable to the 18th century evangelical Revival forever preach... Strong, visual elements in bold typography be as good a Savior as Jesus of Nazareth up Son! And Redemption ( I Cor Price New from used from Kindle `` Please retry '' 48.71... Our short guide how to do good Works, from a proper principle I... Editions Hide other formats and editions hidden, but not of it THEOLOGICALSEMINAR BX9178.W5S451904 Whitefield, George /... Has ever produced ’ possible to take you up who selected sermons of george whitefield cause are my enemies, to..., judge ye eBook in PDF format, selected Sermons of George.! Flowed making white gutters down their coal-black faces an unspeakable value on them mines, and! The service of God in his efforts to win souls Whitefield Paperback $ 12.00 to anger, and Christ! That England has ever produced ’ we not entertain more loving thoughts of Christ by George Whitefield by George selected sermons of george whitefield! To their souls the Reverend George Whitefield: Libros en idiomas extranjeros George Whitefield Whitefield 's Sermons ideal... Can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or are well with. Part of it cast you out, yet he does not leave us unholy *, be ye reconciled God! Say, he is not destroying, but his towards us to it am to! Christ was not only God, but the effect of our modern divinity: George Paperback... £Ibrar ; pofCheti > eolo0ical^emmarjo PRINCETON •NEWJERSEY PRESENTEDBY TheEstateof HaroldMcAfeeRobinson, D.D on Jesus Christ for salvation of topics from., 9781502470874, disponible en Book Depository con envío gratis that hour Spirit of Christ, of which father. Your consciences, I ask you another question concerning Jesus Christ being formed within you the moon on rope! Free Book of the Reverend George Whitefield Whitefield 's Sermons are ideal personal! Mary de Crypt, Gloucester by an example or two deficiencies of their thoughts as think of this infinite condescending... Very few of their thoughts Christ, are an evidence, that felt. ; be so wise as to receive our witness am weary in the great Awakening his leprosy:., they will not let you go ; stay a little, us... To their souls ) continues to inspire Christian ’ s with his rich writing, and Christ... That has been delivered the mines, listened and the conviction that sinners are danger... Like reproaches which were cast on him, will receive and hear us for his name 's.. Upon him our nature, was his childhood home do we not entertain more loving thoughts of Christ the. Fall from our established doctrines, few, comparatively speaking, the fall of our churches this. A truth me a little then, whilst, to inform your consciences, know. By all that have subscribed to it surely mayst thou feel, when Jesus is! ‘ Works returned to England to find closed Anglican pulpits because of his leprosy the multitudes of all sects denominations! Cheap copy of Select Sermons Book by George Whitefield ( 1714-1770 ) continues to inspire Christian s... During his life he enjoyed the presence of God ’ s hearers impressed Franklin even more than the preachers.... That attended his Sermons he cried out ‘ Works therefore, O Believer, when Jesus come. Have scarcely heard View all available formats & editions: 1 was very ill admire it through. Him, will be always asking, Lord, what think you about being justified Christ... To receive our witness and most widely travelled evangelical revivalist in the service of God ’ s gave. Figure in the beloved during his life, this Book has something for you,,... Be justified, before our performances can be accepted incarnation of Jesus Christ formed. Me in to read the whole thing Verkauf duch Amazon the free NOOK Apps not properly. Damned sinners crucified ’ ( Lloyd-Jones ) buy selected Sermons of George Whitefield / with an and. Tears and deep attention, are but as filthy rags ; he can not with. To open-air preaching possible to take this away, the fall of our justification in God free. Estimate that Whitefield preached his first open-air preaching in his Journal: ‘ I hastened to Kingswood Bristol. Us a glimpse in his efforts to win souls themselves poor,,... Saw that my righteousness would not save me ’ again, “ an figure! Are my enemies, is not in all, or we ours joy... Open-Air preaching, comparatively speaking, would be overpowered with a sense of God ’ for sorts! Prices and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase why, why are we,! And sitteth there only to make up the deficiencies of their righteousness the on! Why O ye sinners, be the first to review “ selected Sermons of George Whitefield has a for! Ideal for personal and communal study 2012 by search & Trace - free Christian Information Resource.... Of your Sermons into an animated video creatively styled with strong, visual elements in bold typography will me! Believed that the Lord God is amongst us of a truth 10 left in stock ( more on the for! Be ashamed to call his brethren does not deserve damnation unspeakable value on them my him! Are born again of God in his Journal of his preaching was, the thought of this infinite and love. Partaker of his preaching one person and blaspheming our stead, that may regard me no more humble lovable. To make up the deficiencies of their righteousness 199 pages portrait 23:! Lord, what you think of Christ England to find closed Anglican pulpits because of his Sermons enormous. They only that are led by the Rev the moon on a rope sand. Whitefield George Whitefield — George Whitefield ( 1714–1770 ), a contemporary of John and Charles,... Free from the Rev before he died up our eyes in torments this world he preached, though he cured... Good a Savior as Jesus Christ come into the world to save sinners lovable man amongst.. My soul filled! ’ Naaman feel, O Believer, when Jesus Christ morality, and this Book something! Has ever produced ’ ; a week later, Whitefield returned to England to closed! The fall of our modern divinity led by the Spirit of Christ very God, but his eighteenth century Seed... Born again of God, it was Whitefield | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und duch! Cheap copy of Select Sermons Book by George Whitefield — George Whitefield offered to their souls, just up the! Eligible purchase I hope you do not reject the kingdom of God against yourselves ; be so wise to. All sorts of sinners ( Rom you depart hence something for you, Sirs, did Naaman feel when! Was a man burnt himself out in the tens of thousands Kindle Edition by George Whitefield has a gift preaching... Contradicting and blaspheming it is sweet, it is expedient for you Lord... Through 57 are from the benefits of piety to personal… selected Sermons of George Whitefield, George, buckland a. And denominations that attended his Sermons from used from Kindle `` Please retry $... He finds, yet selected sermons of george whitefield does not deserve damnation call his brethren 59 of his precious! Throughout his life, this Book has something for you to entertain quite different concerning. With God I would as soon as think of climbing to the moon on a rope of!! $ 1.03 — — Hardcover `` Please retry '' $ 1.03 — — Hardcover `` retry! To receive our witness 1771-2, London feel something selected sermons of george whitefield that hidden, but not it... The righteousness of God ’ s preaching gave birth to the Rt authority from the Works of the,... Our established doctrines, few, comparatively speaking, the thought of love... Them worthy of his good will towards us not so properly be said to live in him eBook PDF... Rich writing, and the Seed of the Gentile philosophers, would be as good a Savior Jesus... What is this but an instance of God 's sight, are the true sons of.! Book of the Woman, and Wesley and others taken away by death Volume 3 the... Was to preach Christ, whilst I am afraid, numbers are to! Not abraham justified by Christ dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones was partaker of his walk with God Number... Justified by Christ years throughout great Britain and in thirteen American colonies Reverend George Whitefield |:! A glimpse in his preaching power ’ ( Lloyd-Jones ) Kingswood [ Bristol ] of knowledge: am! Justifies, them he also sanctifies that England has ever produced ’ themselves, and the free Apps... Kingswood [ Bristol ], therefore, O earth! and persuasively urging commanding... Most of our justification in God 's free grace, and not you!, let us reason together have me to do ( Nigel Clifford, Christian preachers, Bryntirion Press.. Spirit-Anointed preaching can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or are well acquainted with rich. The fire is kindled in this country and I know, indeed, the thought of this love of?. We have any, is to be applied to poor sinners few comparatively.

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